Marketing does not have to be loud, to be effective. 

Just authentic

1:1 Consultation

Are you visible?

Social Media offers the opportunity for you to show your personality, communicate your message and connect with your target market. There are a couple of boxes that have to be ticked, for your marketing to be effective. It is a combination of:

Authentic Self-Representation


Content Marketing

Understanding Social Selling

I help you to design and implement your tailored Social Media Strategy, so that you can communicate your message and your value clearly and attract the customers you can serve best, resulting in an substainable increase in your income.

Work with me on your social media strategy and become visible with ease!


This is the foundation of your Marketing. Define your customer and become clear what your strength, your values and your personality is you want to present. That way, you can easily stand out from the competition and attract your ideal customer.


The marketing strategy needs to be well-planned and adapted to the social media channel. Communication is key! If you know exactly, what message you want to communicate to your customers, social media becomes a dancefloor. In addition to quality content, the focus is on authentic self-marketing.


Sustainability is the goal. Marketing needs to be suitable for everyday use. With a tailor-made social media and communication strategy, you can reach your target audience, attract new clients and increase sales.

You want to use Social Media but you don’t know how best to use it for your business? I help you to design & implement your tailored Social Media Strategy.

Hi, I am Juliane!

I help you to design and implement your tailored Social Media Strategy, so that you can communicate you message and your value clearly and attract the customers you can serve best, resulting in an substainable increase in your income.

Born, raised and educated in Germany, I have been living in Ireland since 2012 and have worked in marketing since 2013, both online and offline. After my studies I have been advising multinational companies in sales and marketing.

I am a doer, with a fondness for planning and structure. I love working with clients who are connected to their business.

My Approach

Authentic Self-Marketing on Linkedin & Facebook

My Goal

My clients stay authentic and feel comfortable with their marketing.

My Outcome

Sustainable & scalable results for my clients.

Customer Reviews

I just love working with Juliane, she is not only a technical genius, she got a huge heart. She really cares for people and gives an incredible service, I never experienced before. I booked her to help me with Social Media. However she immediately gave me the advise to first to sort my professional business web. She took me by the hand every time I panicked or got stressed and calmed me. She always has solutions. She is there for me 24hours it seems like. I can fully rely on her non-stop. I don’t want to let her go, so now we starting the second project: Online Marketing.

Sabina Rademacher

Love & Relationship Coach,

When I started working with Juliane, I knew absolutely nothing about business or marketing. I came to her with an idea, and she helped me develop, and grow it into a fully functioning business. Her knowledge in her field is unparalleled, and if there is something she doesn’t know, she will find it out. Her dedication to her cause, her drive and her creativity are all reasons why I keep going back to her when I need help in certain areas of my business. If you are serious about investing in growth for your business, there is no one better I can recommend.

Marcel Coetzee

Awareness Coach,

Working with Jules is an absolute pleasure, she is a true professional in the industry and can help your business grow into the right direction seemlessly.
I would 100% recommend reaching out to Jules, she is super easy to work with and so passionate about what she does, and she will help you to fall in love with the process.

David Rose

Fitness Instructor, First Rep Bootcamp

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